Detroit Lakes United Methodist Church
Wednesday, March 21, 2018



Dear Daughters and Sons of God,

     Have you ever wondered why there seems to be a major disconnect between what we read in the book of Acts and what we see nowadays? Why don't we see God performing extraordinary miracles like through the Apostle Paul and other early disciples? Ed Silvoso writes, "Is it possible that we have confined to four walls once a week what is designed to be a 24/7 people movement out in the marketplace, transforming our cities and nations? And could it be that we have restricted ministry to professionally trained specialists, instead of ministry being the work of all the saints? The church Jesus launched is meant to be expansive, like salt, water, light or leaven."

     As we continue through Lent, we seek to reclaim the counterculture power of living a God's chosen and blessed people This Lent, rather than giving something up, we are taking on 5 habits of missional people with the hope of being more fully the powerful movement Jesus intended. We can surprise the world through the simple habits of blessing others, sharing a meal, learning Jesus, listening to the Spirit, and recognizing that we are sent by God. I hope that you will commit to developing these 5 habits through the weeks of Lent.
     Through the month of March we continue to collect new socks, underwear and pajamas for children ages 0-18 for Becker County foster children. On Good Friday, March 30, at noon, rather than a worship experience, we will have a service experience as we join with our neighbors from St. Luke's Episcopal and from the United Church of Christ to sort and organize these items.
     We continue to seek God's wisdom and direction for our lives as we continue offering our daily prayers at 7 (am or pm!). Please let us know, through the communication card, through email, or letter, how you how you are seeing this prayer being answered in your life as God calls you out of your comfort zone into new levels of service .
     Gracious and Generous God, send your Holy Spirit to:
--Open our hearts, minds, and arms that we may step out of our comfort zone, reach out to the lost and hurting to surround them with your love and grace.
--Inspire our leaders to explore and use the gifts of the Spirit you have given them.
--Use me, without fear, without worldly distractions, to serve others where you lead me.
--Fill my heart and soul with your Holy Presence that I may generously give my all to others.
I pray in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, who stretched out his arms to say, "I love you THIS much!" Amen.
     We believe that prayer makes all the difference and that every great movement of God's Spirit in this world started with faithful prayer.
Be God's,
Pastor Brenda

Did you know we send out an email each week called Joys of the Journey with updates from the week in our congregational life, upcoming announcements, and prayer concerns? If you have email and are interested in receiving this let us know by contacting the office or indicating on your communication card.


Joining Detroit Lakes United Methodist Church

We welcome your interest in membership, but please don’t feel you must be a member to participate fully at DLUMC. We welcome your involvement even more! You are invited to seek out programs or people that interest you and become actively involved even before you become a member.

Periodically a series of new member orientation sessions are held on Sunday mornings. Discussions center around the structure and work of the church and how you may participate in the life of the church family. Food is often involved as well!!  New member candidates are paired with sponsors from the congregation who attend the session with them and serve to help them get ever more acquainted with the people and opportunities at DLUMC.

For more information about membership, please contact the church office—phone 847-4818 or use the Contact Us link on the website to send email.

Palm Sunday
Choir Celebration
"Sing Hosanna"
March 25
with palms  
8:15am & 10:00am
Holy Wednesday Worship
March 28
5:15 Dinner
6:15 Worship
Good Friday
Socks, Underwear, and Pajamas Project
March 30
12:00 Noon
Here at DLUMC
 Easter Sunday Worship  
April 1
8:15am & 10:00am
Easter Egg Hunt 
for Children of All Ages  
Easter Brunch