Detroit Lakes United Methodist Church
Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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New Member Class
Sunday April 28
If you are interested
in becoming a
member of DLUMC
contact the church
office to attend or
if you have
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Care and Compassion.
Have you noticed that the moments when we experience true care and compassion, especially if it’s a time when it is especially needed, are times we never forget? I could recount in detail stories of a friend who offered her shoulder to cry on, a smile and a kind word from a stranger at the grocery store, essential help offered during travel, a warm welcome and being made to feel at home, a special note, a meal shared, a conversation over tea that solved nothing yet made all the difference.
I am sure each of you has a similar list of experiences. Acts of care and compassion stay with us, change us, empower and inspire us. The Core value that I think resonates most strongly at DLUMC is Care and Compassion. I see it in how you care for each other, in Friendly Visitors, Stephen Ministry, the Angel Food project, and in our funeral ministry to just name a few. As we approach Easter, we remember that our care and compassion is rooted in the care and compassion that Christ offers us. We love, because God first loved us.
~~Pastor Brenda

Joining Detroit Lakes United Methodist Church

We welcome your interest in membership, but please don’t feel you must be a member to participate fully at DLUMC. We welcome your involvement even more! You are invited to seek out programs or people that interest you and become actively involved even before you become a member.

Periodically a new member session is offered at DLUMC. Discussions center around the structure and work of the church and how you may participate in the life of the church family. Food is often involved as well!!  New member candidates are paired with sponsors from the congregation who attend the session with them and serve to help them get ever more acquainted with the people and opportunities at DLUMC.

For more information about membership, please contact the church office—phone 847-4818 or use the Contact Us link on the website to send email.

8:15am Sunday: Holy Grounds
with Kids Corner
10:15am Sunday:
Heritage Worship
& Adventure Kids
6:15pm Wednesday
Faith Quest
Visitors Welcome!
Nursery Available
Coffee Anytime!
Small Groups
for all ages