Detroit Lakes United Methodist Church
Friday, January 21, 2022

DLUMC Lay Leadership

Our church is organized in a structure of committees and boards. The people on these ministry teams make it possible for DLUMC to function and thrive.  The Methodist Church has long followed a tradition of lay leaders serving in Christian community.  Committed servants on these teams/committees enable the church to carry out its mission of inviting persons into relationship with Jesus Christ, nurturing their growth in faith, and sending them out to transform the world.

To reach a representative of a committee with a question or request, please contact the church office, which will forward your message on to the appropriate committee member.  Committees often need new or additional members; if you would like to serve in this way, also contact the church office. Use the Contact Us link on the web page or call 847-4818.

Church Council

The church council oversees the work of all committees in planning and implementing the nurture, outreach, witness, and other activities of the local church, including the administration of the church’s organization. It must also envision, plan, implement, and annually evaluate the overall mission and ministry of the church.

Church Council is a nine-member group of lay and staff members, usually meeting monthly.

All member of the congregation are free to attend meetings but have no vote on the committee.

Board of Trustees

The Trustees act as stewards of the church buildings and grounds, including overseeing the maintenance, insurance, improvements, and cleaning, and also serve as custodian of legal documents.   An Aesthetics Committee works with the Trustees as they strive to make the building and grounds visually pleasing.

Endowment Fund Board of Directors

The Endowment Board works to encourage and administer gifts and bequests received by DLUMC for ministries not a part of the usual operating budget and to be steward of the church’s pastoral housing endowment, Haney Scholarship, and Memorial Garden trust funds.

Finance Team

Members of this group give leadership to the congregation regarding the stewardship of God’s gifts by accurately recording giving, paying bills, preparing budgets, and other activities regarding the financial well-being of the church.

Lay Ministry Team (Nomination)/Committee on Lay Leadership

This team oversees the process of discerning the gifts of each congregational member and requesting them to serve the church in a capacity best suited to their gifts, providing orientation, training, and support for those persons nominated for congregational leadership.

Memorial Committee

The Memorial Committee tracks memorial gifts that the church receives, maintains a “wish list” of projects that might be funded with these gifts, and makes decisions on projects to be funded.

Memorial Garden Committee

The Memorial Garden Committee gives oversight to the whole ministry of the Memorial Garden, including its maintenance, future needs, alterations, and improvements.


Staff/Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)

This committee works to support the staff of the church and serves as liaison between the staff and the congregation.

Worship Team/Committee

The Worship Team is charged with creating worship services that “keep the focus on God, unite the members of the congregation into a genuine community, and form the believers to be faithful followers of Christ.” Responsibilities include coordinating ushers, liturgists, altar guild, communion servers, music, and special worship celebrations.